Workshop Tour

We work from our family home Ascott D’Oilly, a scheduled monument comprising of a 13th Century Manor house next to the ruins of a Norman Motte and Bailey castle, set amongst a collection of old barns and farm buildings, built on the site of the medieval village of Ascott under Wychwood.
Our antique and restoration business has expanded over the last 30 years and now occupies most of the buildings.

At the end of our drive before entering the main yard is a rare example of an Elizabethan granary still standing on its original straddle stones.


The workshops are situated in the old stable block.

The polishing shop occupies two of the original carthorse stables. The other stables are used for storage of customers furniture.

The main workshop is on the end of the stable block linked via the middle workshop, mainly used for storage of fixtures and fittings.


The passage along the back of the stables is used for storage of furniture and mouldings.

Above the workshops is our main store of antique and reclaimed timbers.


We also store a huge stock of turnings, feet, and antique parts used as patterns.


Across the yard in the old dairy, we have converted the old cheese store into a veneer store, we carry a large stock of veneers, the cool atmosphere in the room is ideal for veneers.


We also have a good store of antique rough-hewn timber and some new timbers in plank form.


We have a large shed (1400square feet) full of antiques for sale in unrestored condition, open to the public.