I give talks and lectures and am available for bookings throughout the year. I also give French polishing demonstrations and talks on...

"The changing values of antiques"

"The care and maintenance of antiques"

"Buying and selling antiques"

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The care and maintenance of antiques - Robert Gripper July 2006

Antique or Fake - Robert Gripper 2005

What happened to the antique trade?

Links - our shop website run by my partners Michael and Nadya Jackson - an excellent international auction house with a huge new local site near Oxford - an excellent local auction house in Banbury where you can buy and sell anything! - One of our best customers, owned by the honorable Judy Astor, this exclusive collection of holiday cottages are one of north Oxfordshire's gems. we have supplied much of the furniture for the cottages and do all of her restoration. - This beautiful stately house is the home to lord and lady Faringdon, open to the public throughout the summer months, we do much of the restoration work here.